WS2812 type Network Distribution Box (WSNDB) for WS2811/12, TM1803/4, NeoPixel

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This product is similar to our standard NDB, but is designed for lighting products based on the WS2811, WS2812, NeoPixel, TM1803, TM1804 and other chips using a similar protocol.  It is not for use with Minleon RGB light products.

This is an Ethernet controller for RGB light strings.  It distributes power and data to light strings, and supports ArtNet and DDP protocols. 

It has 16 outputs with 10 inch pigtails and female connectors.   We include a set of four, 3 foot cables with a male on one end and stripped wire on the other end.   You will need to solder this wire to your lighting products.   You can buy additional sets of 4 cables from our accessories page.

RJ45 jack for ethernet (10/100, full or half-duplex).   Supports up to 256 pixels per output.

Power connectors (screw terminals) on both sides of box, each side is rated for 20A max.   Both sides are connected internally.   If powering both sides this should be done from the same power supply.    Every 2 outputs is protected by a thermal fuse rated at 10A.  Maximum power per output is 5A.

You will need to supply your own 5VDC power supply.

The WSNDB is configured via a web browser, and specific timings can be set for use with different chip sets (only 1 timing selection can be made per WSNDB, so all chips connected must be the same type).   RGB byte order can also be selected.

Info and WSNDB manual

Additional pigtail wires