Wifi Effects Controller

This controller can run up to 400 of our RGB lights (100 before power needs to be injected).

It has a built-in web browser that lets you select colors, speed, dimming, and effects, plus can save up to 5 of your favorite settings.  No Apps are needed.  Any device with Wifi and a web browser can control it.

It can operate as a Wifi AP (access point) for direct control, great for remote places like on a boat, or as a Wifi Client, for example when using it at your home or business with an existing access point.

Advanced users can also stream RGB data directly to it using Art-Net or DDP protocols, and software such as Light Show Pro, Madrix, and others.

It is tiny (about 2x3x3/4 inch) and water-resistant.  It supports 802.11b/g. 

It can run on 9-12vdc and needs about 50ma when not actively sending wifi data.  It does not have a power input jack, so power needs to be back-fed into it.   You can use our T-Connector (under Cables category) to feed power to the WEC and your lights, or connect power at the end of your light string.


The WEC also has onboard 2 megabytes of memory, and a single effects file (generated by LightShowPro) can be uploaded to it.  If you had 100 lights and generated effects at 30fps, then 2M/(100*3*30) = 222 seconds for effect storage.