Waterproof RGB Flex Strip Lighting

This is a 5 meter (16ft 5inches) long flexible strip of RGB LEDs.

There are 140 RGB LEDs total (28 per Meter).  Every 2 LEDs is controlled by the same chip, so each pair of LEDs will display the same color (you would set your controller for 70 lights or pixels).  About 1.4 inches between LEDs, center-to-center.

It has a 6 inch lead and a 6 inch tail wire, and can be chained to one more flex strip.

It is fully enclosed in a silicone sleeve and coated with silicone sealant.  It is 1/2 inch wide and 3/16 inch thick, with an IP65 rating.

It runs on 9-12vdc and up to 2A.

It can also be cut between every pair of LEDs to customize it (by stripping back the silicone and soldering wires on the pads), but you would need to do your own resealing to keep it waterproof.

Warning:  Flex strip from us as well as all manufacturers is a fragile item.  It is designed to be contoured around objects and generally fixed into position.  It is not designed for continuous movement.  It will also break if it is bent too sharply in the wrong spot (near a component), or crushed or stepped on.  We recommend not bending it more than around a 1.25 inch radius curve.