Network Effects Controller

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This controller is used in conjuction with our NDBs (Network Distribution Boxes).

It can generate 2D effects for up to 8000 lights, spread over up to 16 NDBs.  It can also play custom effects from an SD card.  Effects can be generated by Light Show Pro software or custom software.

It can play WAV files from the SD card in synchronization with playing effects, via a 3.5mm stereo output jack.

It has two optically isolated input ports, that can be used to trigger playing of effects, sounds and/or files from the SD card.

It communicates to the NDBs over a standard ethernet port.  

It has a DMX port that can be used to trigger effects, or it can output DMX and control a single DMX universe.

It can also be used as an ArtNet-DMX or DMX-Artnet converter.

The NEC comes with a 7.5vdc power supply (it can run on 7-12vdc).

See our product info page for a link to the manual.