Advanced Mini-Controller with Remote

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Controller for an RGB light string or tube up to 500 lights.   Built-in effects controllable via 2-buttons on controller.

Comes with the Advanced 12-button Remote Control.

12VDC input jack (5.5mm).  

USB port allows full computer control of lights with ENTTEC compatible protocol (no software included).

The Advanced MC has all the same effects as the Basic MC, available via the 2 buttons on the controller.

With the Advanced Remote Control you will have access to many more features.   You can set the brightness to one of 8 levels, you can save your favorite settings in 2 different memories, and adjust the speed or direction of many effects.  In addition, you can pick up to 3 custom colors to be used for some of the effects.

With the Advanced MC and a 5A P/S, you can run up to 6 strings of our RGB strings with 24 lights (144 lights total).  If you are running our higher-powered Triklits you are limited to 100 lights total.  To connect more than those limits will require injecting power every so often.  See our info page for more details.

See the instructions for more detail.