8x8 RGB panel

This is an 8x8 inch panel of RGB LEDs, with 1 inch center-center spacing between LEDs.  Boards can be placed next to each other to build larger arrays maintaining the same spacing.

This is a bare circuit board for do-it-yourselfers and people that can solder and mount these in appropriate enclosures.  It consists of four 4x4 arrays (that can be snapped apart) of 5050 RGB LEDs on the front side and controller circuitry on the back side.    Each 4x4 array can be wired to the next vertically or horizontally.  It runs on 5VDC and can only be used with our Network Controller (NDB).  It comes with a 3 foot lead wire you can solder on where you'd like.

 Please email us for more details if interested,